Retro Pilot Cap Pattern for Toddlers

Hi All! I found this amazing pattern on Pinterest.
It’s in Finnish so I thought I would share it, Google translated, for all you non Finnish readers 🙂

(from: http://kukikkaatkuosit.blogspot.com/2011/02/tassa.html?&cuid=1af36ff1bf4dd0fd3f908791118976ff)

FEBRUARY 25, 2011


Toddlers Retro Pilot Cap

The desired formula comes in. (Here’s the link to the pattern pieces.)
(The first two are the pilot of the cap formula.)

Top reads DOWNLOAD from which images can be downloaded and printed.
Note: images should be printed on an image editing program, and original size.
The formula is printed when the normal size. I drew a smaller formula, but if you want to make a bigger cap (which suited my son, age over 4 years old), see the previous post about the Journal of the edges of the image to zoom 1cm drawn.

Lyhykäinen job description: Lined Hat is made. Sew the pieces together first crown of the head and the side pieces, darts off, sew the pleat in the side piece to the front. The size of a mountain. Set cover and lining right sides together and sew together, leaving behind open. Sew the back of the cap in the neck seam allowance rubber band. Close the gap, quilting sew around the edge of the cap. Sew the strap (lining + cover credits against each other, turn, darts). Try to cap the child’s head and mark the belt place, sew. Attach the snap or button mortgages.

The formula work by the way when I did, but the length of the strap was not enough, so check it out in your case!

I so hope you like this cap as much as I do and get to make this for your favorite toddler 😉

xoxo, Cindy