Encouragement towards young children

This morning, Dakota stacked some things on the tv stand. It doesn’t seem like much of a lesson but here’s why I feel it was an important learning experience for us.

Originally, I was asking her to,

a) Move away from the tv screen bc I felt she was standing too close, which leads to eye strain, which can lead to impaired vision.

b) Stop trying to put the plastic stool on the tv stand, explaining the stool belongs on the ground, for sitting, and not on top of other furniture. It’s not going to stay up there, it doesn’t fit and will fall off, possibly onto her foot.

Dakota, 1/28/15

That is, until she proved me wrong. Because she was so determined to get the stool up on the tv stand, she finally found a spot for it and it stayed. I was surprised. I gave her a high-five for her determination and her success. She then put more toys on the stool. She was excited that she found a new perch for her toys. I was excited for her.

In this case, I gave up discipline for a later time in order to focus on what’s more important – her development, foster natural curiosity, creativity and imagination, tenacity, and self-directed play.

Thank you, Dakota, for teaching me everyday.


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