Dates Family Visit to NYC

The Dates family and Dakota’s first time on the NYC subway!

I can’t even begin to tell you how awesome it was for the Dates family to visit us all the way from Texas and Idaho to finally meet Dakota. We had so many “firsts” during this visit and it was quite an exciting time experiencing New York with Jeff’s family (now also my family)!

Great day with our family. They all came over to visit. Jeffrey made queso and served with chips. We sat around and watched 101 Dalmations while Jeffrey put together patio furniture and set up the new umbrella (SuperDad!). We prepped and had bbq on the deck. Cleaned up. Got ready and took the train to the Highline (Dakota’s first subway ride!). Walked Highline from 14 to 30 Sts. Trained up to Columbus Circle. Walked thru Central Park and took photos on bridges and rocks (Dakota’s first time in CP!). Had a yummy dinner at Pizzarte  Hailed a gypsy cab and bartered him down from $35 to $25  Went home on the L. Gave the baby a bath and now ready to pass out. #lifeisgood


The family, our first time at Grimaldi’s Pizza after all these years.

Dakota’s First Time In A Pool

Me and Dakota, our first time at Shake Shack in Westbury, NY.

Dakota’s First Adventure in Central Park

Dakota playing with her awesome new cousins, Reilly and Kinley.

Dakota with Aunt Jenny



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